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Cool Water Commercial Prt. 2 gives you the truth on what he stands for  and what the games been missing. This commercial is the tell all be all  to the hiphop game.                                                

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Cool Water Commercial is a clear definition the hiphop is changing. This commercial clearly lets you know what Cool Water is bringing to the table with style, quality, content, truth, and creativity.

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Education and the Hiphop Generation is an endangered species Cool Water & B-Brown talk candidly about what they feel is the problem with our youth and the school system. Teachers and students seem to have a real disconnect in the educational environment which is leading to a lot of problems in the community. We believe  when given the right tools and help solve some of those problems.  Click and listen to hear what they have to say.

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 The System Video is designed to give artist a leg up on how to win in the music business Cool Water gives you the system on whats need to make in the music business with such things like how on copyright, trademarking, branding and so much more. in order to be successful at anything. Go to the website right now and download your instant free report on marketing and promotions now!!!


Testimonies from Cool Water fans and people alike who think Cool Water is the next big thing in Rap music !!!

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This is part two of a self help video by cool water telling you have to transform your ideas into reality so you can achieve all your goals and become the success you always wanted. You can learn more about money and other financial stuff a which will help you in your quest for freedom.

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Social Sundays is a by monthly net working  event for the industry professional who wants to connect with actors, models, fashion designers, models, rappers and any professional in the entertainment industry. Check out site to learn more about modeling and networking.


The Producers Corner is a one on one with an up and coming producer named session who worked on the Cool Water album A Good Education Gone Bad. Session reveals some of the techniques used to help create the album.


This video talks about the problem with our youth and what we as adults can do about these problems. To learn more about children in education check out our blog .


Street Newz Live C.EO talks about his company and what they can do for your as a model, dancers, strippers, and other entertainment professional. Chief is the new hussel for the online magazine in Atlanta. Check out the blogg , or for info on networking and other modeling events.


Tiffany C.E.O of Nichole Taylor Firm talks candidly with models about what you need to be a model in this business. Tiffany clearly explains the ins and outs of the modeling business. You can check Tiffany out at  and also visit to learn more about others inside the modeling business.


This video talks about how and why you should market your companies service or product on line in the New Information Age. Cool Water gives you priceless tools to help you begin to market your self online check out the blog for more info. on marketing and other crazy ideas that will help you win in the marketing world.

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