In A World of  copy cats, lack of creativity, unoriginal ideas, and style people need and want change. Change is Inevitable

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Throughout history there has always been only, but a few who are willing to be diffenernt in the world. All the worlds progress dependends upon the unreasonable person, and Cool Water is that unreasonable artist, who is willing to push the enevelope to bring change to the industry. Is it about the money for most artist probably so, but the truth is you will be hard press to find an artist that pushes so many buttons on social and educational issues. Cool Water has been rappipng for a number of years, and believe me anything that comes out of his mouth is worth listening to. His several earlier release are Simply Cool Water,You Better Buy A Gun, and My Next Door Neighbor. Cool Water has proven that his thinking isn't like anyone elses in the Rap Game. Welcome to the Uncommon Rap artist you've been warned !!!

You got to learn The System to be successful at anything is the key to building a long last career. Check out the audio cd The System and change the way you look at the entertainment business for ever.



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 The New Album By Cool Water A Good Education Gone Bad has proven to be a serious discussion at the dinner table. If you have been looking for something new then this albums is for you.


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