Vitelle@coolwater101  Yeah ! I'm mad at you! : P J/K Missed ya tweets tho!

hometeamapparel@coolwater101   good look on the book. Bring back the quotes too! Thats a big part of ur followings enjoyment

hoodtechFollow @coolwater101 he's a genuine good guy

Vitelle@coolwater101 I know! I knew you'd be there but I was like, I hope I recognize him in person. LOL :) Great to see ya!

reddahliapr@coolwater101 thanks for the love   people check for this guy he is the truth


Phyneprint @coolwater101 #ff #fs Follow this cat. Good music!  

TheRealKream @coolwater101  Thank you for who you are . For real. You're so appreciated

WordofMouthAtl @coolwater101 Thanks, you always have valuable info and we notice

TyCohen@coolwater101 This guy knows his stuff follow him  


Jennifer Miller - I just want you to know how much your advice and support have inspired me. I've been wanting to begin my books for years but your suggestions and practical advice have motivated me like I've never been motivated before. Thank you so much. When I get published, know that you have been instrumental in my achievement.

Best Regards, Jennifer

Cloud Kapri - bruh' i been watching you for yrs... mane'... I couldn't walk anywhere in the ATL and not see a coolwater flyer mane. I grind hard because of niggas like you mane... you motivated me to go 10X harder... thank you!

Jacqueline Waller - Check out this great video on Social Media. Cool Water is the master of marketing. Check it out!

Rion Daniels- I'm a fan of your music that's why i kind of took at second look at what you was saying !!

Debra Renee Seth - I like the song  it sounds West Coast you have a super nice flow

Jessica Amber Slavik -  I will keep you Informed and let you know how your Blogs have helped me.Thank you once again For the Links you have shared with me I do appreciate It. And do find what you have to say very Informative too bad more people In the Industry didn't think this way!!!They need to take a lesson from you !

Natasha B - Vertical Market Manager

Thank You for teaching me about myself and the world! I truly appreciate You


Tamika Law  Founder & CEO Musically Yours Ent.Your insight and knowledge of this game is unsurpassed! I've known you since way back and to watch you grow and learn and then give back to those of us who strive to do this for real is extremely gratifying. You have given me so much great advice and your ideas off the chain!! Don't be trying to take the single mama url idea either!!! LOL You are such a creative brother with a heart to empower and share knowledge with your folks, and you have a lot to give, so I recommend to anybody who is in a creative rut or feel they aren't moving forward or reaching their goals or just simply don't know what to do next... give this brother a call, let him help you as he has helped me and countless others !!

Kia Smith The Smith Group Agency-

Mr. Coolwater,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you so much for your business wisdom and ideas. They have been a great help in my business and my life. You continue to inspire me to be better, think clear and to achieve more everyday.

I appreciate you.

Cathy Weber

"Was just thinking today that I have known you many years now and you still make me feel like anything is possible even when it feels impossible" ..


Mickey Smith Business Executive - Music Film TV

"Your the first person to understand my vision, and what I need to do to make it happen, and to understand what I really need to make the branding happen." Your The Real Deal !

BANDIZMo.com - We wrote to you recently regarding Cool Water after listening to the track High school drop out, which we thought was great, and felt that BANDiZMO.com would be an excellent promotional and marketing tool.

Myspace.com  World Famous Hit Factory - What's going on Cool Water...  You got some good joints on your page... Keep doing your thing.  We are a production team from Philly and done joints with artist from Sony/BMG to Koch. We are currently making tracks for Mya, Ace Hood, Fat Joe and Missy and think you got what it takes to make it !!

Iseecolor.com - Cassandra Ferguson - You are truly a blessing thank you

Branched Out 

Paul Meegan - “Cool Water is the type of person everyone just loves being around. Strong work ethic, great personality.”