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Twitter is great for anyone who wants to market their service brand or product. Micro blogging is the whole concept and building your following. Follow me on twitter and lets see where it takes you...

Social Sundays

This is for the networking professional in the entertainment industry. Anyone in the entertainment industry who wants to connect with models, artist, producers, publishers, film makers, and fashion desingers this site is for you.

Atlanta Movie Blog Site

Write A Story for a Movie

Song Writing Blog Site

How to write a song

Song writing is a strange animal this site is for the serious songwriter who is looking for quality information to  become great songwriters.

Education Blog Site


Education has been this countries strongest topics. Anyone who wants to discuss and keep up with things  inside our public and private school systems good or bad this site is for you. Please feel free to leave comments and dialogue with us about current issues on this site.

Marketing Blog Site


Marketing is everything to a business survival. Good Marketing is the key to great sales for any company. Coolwatercrazymarketing is here to help you get an edge on your competitors by using crazy marketing ideas to win in any business.

Hip Hop Blog Site


Is Hip Hop Dead- is designed to discuss the problems with in the hip hop community from the flashing, content in lyrics, videos, women, and many other topics. Please dialogue and leave comments on this site we love your feed back.

Health Blog Site

Besick no for more-

This site is for health nuts who want to learn alternatives to getting sick. Dr. Stephens is an applied Kinesologist. who gives out a wealth of information to help you learn how not to get sick and what to do about it when you are. 

Make Money & Get Free Blog Site


This site is geared toward financial issues that will help any individual get the information needed to create and prosper in their business.

Make Money Vending Blog Site


Vending machines quietly have been making money. People who are interested in getting into the vending machine business this blog is for you.

Atlanta Music Artist Professional

Atlanta music artist

This site is designed to give the independent artist a leg up on how to navigate in the music business. You will learn things such as barcoding, copyrighting, what branding is, the big bang theory, how to market, promote, and sale your music to the public with this audio cd. This audio cd is for any professional artist,producer, manager,  and attorney etc. inside the music business.

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"The Marketing & Promotions Consulting Company"

Bar-Red Entertainment Group (BREG)is an Atlanta, GA based company which specializes in entertainment marketing & promotions, merchandising, music consulting, management, and music & video production.

Marketing and Promotions Services– We provide Internet/Street/Club/Retail/Radio Promotions for Independent Labels, Major Labels, Distribution Companies, Individual Artists, Clubs and other entertainment based organizations.We also provide services for non-entertainment companies and non-profit organizations as well.Exposure and a buzz will be created.Our goal is to make you “Seen, Heard, and Felt!”

Demo Clinic

To Plug Promote & Expose is the demo clinics purpose. If you want to be in front of the top executives and A&R in the business then make the call to audition for the demo clinics next event.

Contact by email or phone 404-484-2706 (or) 404-271-3215

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Looking for a freelance photographer with reasonable prices then call Crystal Furlonge.

contact Crystal Furlonge @ 617-953-8127 or by email

The Perry Law Group (PLG)

The Perry Law Group (PLG) , founded by Keisha R. Perry, Esq., is a boutique transactional law firm focusing on the areas of Corporate, Entertainment, and Real Estate Law. PLG offers a wide range of services in the transactional area of law including contract drafting, interpretation, and negotiation, entity formations, and legal consultation. The Firm provides its clients with efficient, affordable, and in-depth legal advice to assist them in creating opportunities in their respective industries.

The Firm's Entertainment Practice focuses on music, film, television, and literary works. The Firm's Corporate Practice focuses on entity formations for a LLC, S-Corp, C-Corp, or Partnership as well as contract drafting and review. The Firm's Real Estate Department focuses on closings, refinance closings, FHA and VA closings for properties located in Georgia.

please visit our website @

Contact us at 404-589-3581

Facsimile: 404-589-3536


Mobile Under Ground

Inspired by first-hand experiences in the music industry, and the resulting desire to create change from an independent perspective, MobileUnderground is a company rooted in values that reflect a new understanding of business and respect for artistry. Underground music movements have always existed as incubators for creative ideas and trends. Our long-term vision is to mobilize these new and experimental artists into a financially viable force that will continually diversify the marketplace.

contact Lucy Beer  @ (or) call 323-449-1194

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Business Consultants

Jawar is a Motivational/Speaker/Author/Business Consultant. He speaks/consults on personal achievement, internet marketing, making money online, SEO, book publishing, and the music business. He's authored over 20+  paperback, audio cds, and ebooks while maintaining over 60+ websites,blogs, and social networking pages. He's spoken appeared in over  50+music conference, workshops,seminars, radio shows, and publications. Jawar believes you can will your destiny into existence when you THINK, PLAN AND EXECUTE. Contact us at 678-887- 4656 or

GIFT Network

The G.I.F.T Network, " Georgia Independent Film and Television Network"  is a collection of Georgia film makers. They range from writers, Directors, producers, Camera Operators, Set Directors, and Actors. This talented crew is what makes film making happen in Georgia. The GIFT Network  was created to provide a place where giving back can mean helping a Georgia State Student make his or her film project. A place where interns from A I U can can team up with film makers to get there hands on the training they need.  

for more info. contact

Hattie M. Lemon Producer/Director

Sweet Lemon Tree Films

Atlanta Talent Network

StarMaxx Media



A.B. C Associates Entertainment Firm

P.R., Marketing & Events Production Professionals

They specialize in Accenting Business & Culture

in Music, Film, Sports,  & Fashion

contact Dee Dee Cocheta President @

Toll Free: 888-525-0901 ext.705 (or) cell 404-547-7569

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Afro Pick Studio 

Is a private digital project studio

music services include - Mixing, Mastering, Protools recording, editing, and music production

contact Dezack @ 770-873-5693 (or)

we have 20 years of experience

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Internet Radio

Internet Radio is the wave of the future if you are wanting your music played then visit these and other internet radio station for the latest in independent and major artist music.

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Good Fellas Radio


FuseBox Radio


Rhythm and Soul Radio

Blog Talk Radio 

Hot Lyrical Words Theater

Open mic for the artist with live interviews Host Cambridge IV, Ghetto Gospel, and Mieasha Stroud bring you the real talent each and every Wedensday @ 7:30pm. Call in to show case your skills, product, or serivce with Hot Lyrical Words Theater.

Hot Lyrical Theatre  goes live every Wedensday at 7:30pm EST

Motivational Radio

Motivational Music Radio is a movement to help you obtain and sustain the positive mental attitude needed to achieve your goals and realize your potential. Motivational Music Radio is co-hosted by Internet Marketing Experts and Motivational Speakers Ty Cohen and JaWar. Both gentleman are accomplished published authors of several paperback, ebook and audiobooks.  goes live every Thursday at 10:00PM EST.

Pump Audio

Music and Movies

This site is for the independent musican who wants to get his/her music on film,television, and any other visual media outlet to that will pay for your hard work. Please make sure all music is copywritten before submitting to any sites.



MEVIO hosts networks of personality-driven episodic entertainment to best engage our customers-comprised of viewers, producers, advertisers and partners. MEVIO is one of the fastest growing entertainment sites on the web. A Podcast television network for your audio video music podcast network. 

Social Networking Sites

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the new myspace is the ning social networing site wihich allows you to create your own social networking sitein, design it, and grow an audience the way you like, and build solid working relationships! 

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